Light to the World Presbyterian Church

Location: Romanovka (Far East Russia)
Leadership: Ruslan Moroz, pastor
Monthly Support Need: $2000 | CLICK TO GIVE NOW

Since December 2016, we hold morning Bible Study with brothers who come every morning but Sunday. Today it is safe to say that this ministry has promoted growing our brothers in strong faith. They began preaching the Gospel to their friends. We began holding our Bible Studies right on the construction site of our church - in the temporary shed. Now that our House of Prayer is ready, we'll be able to invite other non-Christian men - both for morning and evening Bible Study during the week.

Ruslan began a Bible Study ministry in Nakhodka which is 56 miles from Romankova. It's a big city with population of 180 000 people. He will develop this ministry by involving more men in it since he grew up in Nakhodka and still stays in touch with many people there. To some of them he sends messages with Bible verses and Sunday sermons on a regular basis and meets with others face-to-face to talk. We hope this ministry in Nakhodka will encourage our community in Romanovka too.

Church Update from Ruslan

Last year we began worshipping in our own building. We can't open it officially because it's not finished and not registered with state powers. But we worship every Sunday. Besides that we have men's Bible Study every morning from 8 to 9 am. Also after the church worship on Sundays we have the Bible study for non-Christian children of our village.

We hope to hold men's and women's conferences and seminars in our church building as soon as we finish it to tell more people about the Biblical world view.


Current Needs - Winter/Spring 2018

Prayer Requests: 

  • Spiritual and numerical growth of the congregation

  • The undertaking of new ministries: a youth ministry in Romanovka, and a men's ministry in Nakhodka - for the Lord to set the hearts of men to have a desire to study the Bible.

  • Materials and funds needed to complete the inside of the church

  • For all necessary paperwork to be approved to register the church with the government, to be able to expand ministry


  • To continue his ministry, help the needy in church, and provide for his family Ruslan needs $2000 a month (an increase of $800 in giving).

  • To fully complete the construction of the church building and to pay for the winterizing of the building, one-time giving of $7000 is needed.


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