Current Needs - Winter/Spring 2018

Prayer Requests:

  • Regular financial support for pastor Yuri and his family, and support for one-time ministry needs, including provision for transportation and music ministry, and repairs to finish the Levchenko's house
  • A building to rent for worship, or the opportunity to build
  • The Levchenko's middle son Kirill will soon take exams to enter the music college this year: pray that God would help him to pass all exams.
  • For the church to increase their ministry this year with more free concerts in the senior centers of the area
  • For new people to come to the church


  • Public place for worship, either through renting, which would cost $1000/month, or building, which would cost $50,000 - $60,000.
  • Support for pastor's family: $2000 a month (an increase in giving of $1000)
  • A vehicle for the Levchenko family ($6000 - $10,000)

To give, please click below and select "Yuriy Levchenko" from the drop-down menu. If you wish, you may specify which need you are giving to in the "Comments" box on the second page.