Introducing the PCA Russia Partnership

Get in on the ground floor of the PCA’s newest international missions partnership! Similar to the partnerships that are effective in Bangladesh, Kuala Lumpur, and Japan, the Russia Partnership seeks to create a “sacred space” for the MTW missionaries, nationals, and sending American churches to work together as a team. The synergism is powerful because all the players meet together once a year, and all the victories and defeats, needs and resources are all open to the whole team.  Given HopeRussia’s newly-minted cooperative agreement with MTW, now is the ideal time to launch this new partnership between the PCA and the Presbyterian Church of Eurasia (PCE). HopeRussia is founder and US sponsoring agency for the PCE, a four-year-old Reformed denomination.

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Briarwood’s On Board

Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham Alabama is a founding member of this new partnership. After his recent visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow, Bryan Wintersteen (Briarwood’s Global Missions Pastor) encouraged PCA leaders to join with them as fellow founding members:

Briarwood’s Bryan Wintersteen (left) with HopeRussia church planters Yuri Levchenko (center) & Evgeni Kruzhkov(right) on Red Square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral in March, 2019.

Briarwood’s Bryan Wintersteen (left) with HopeRussia church planters Yuri Levchenko (center) & Evgeni Kruzhkov(right) on Red Square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral in March, 2019.

“I’m so glad that Briarwood Presbyterian Church has found out about HopeRussia, and that we’ve had a had a chance to go and see first hand. I think that the opportunity is critical right now for churches to make a strategic investment in HopeRussia.  They’re ordaining godly leaders in the Reformed Faith.  They are seeing evangelism and discipleship taking place.  And they are planting churches among people who desperately need the gospel.  One third of their pastors have been reached through drug and alcohol rehab.  And now these men whose lives have been set right with Christ are going out with the gospel as ambassadors and ministers in the name of Christ, having been set free.  And now they are taking this hope of the gospel to others’ lives and planting churches.  HopeRussia is training these through their Reformed seminary in St. Petersburg, and now they’re planting churches.  It’s been remarkable.  The time for investment is now.  If you want to make an impact for the gospel across the Russian-speaking world, now is the time to invest.” Bryan Wintersteen

Blake Purcell says, “The Partnership is the next big step for our ministry.”

Rev. Blake Purcell

Rev. Blake Purcell

HopeRussia Founder and President, Blake Purcell says, “As you know, a few years ago we launched the Presbyterian Church of Eurasia. The PCE is led by six teaching elders (shown below) who are planting churches in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and elsewhere. Having launched the PCE, we’re becoming increasingly aware that the Americans involved in this equation can provide more holistic support for these men, their families and ministries if we join together as one team rather than serving them as individual supporting churches. In other words, right now, HopeRussia has several good partnerships with individual churches in America and individual church planters in the Russian-speaking world. But we’ve recently learned that in several regions where MTW missionaries serve, they have coalesced these international partnerships (plural) into one partnership structure (singular). This partnership model is working well―for example―in Bangladesh and in Kuala Lampur. These singular partnerships seem to be serving the nationals on the field much more thoroughly than individual supporting churches can do alone. Now that my son, Graham, is MTW’s very first missionary in Russia, we believe that 2020 is the ideal time to launch the Russia Partnership. I believe that the Russia Partnership will become the central component of our ministry going forward.”

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Russia Partnership Commitments

We would love for your church to be a founding member of this new venture!  Here’s what it will entail:

  • Sending a representative to the annual Russia Partnership meeting, the location of which will rotate from church to church throughout the partnership.  This will be a one-day meeting beginning with dinner the previous evening.

  • Sending a representative or group from your church to Russia once every three years.  HopeRussia will facilitate this by organizing and promoting vision trips on an annual basis.  For example, we’re planning one for late April, 2020 (Sign up below).

  • Hosting and featuring a PCE leader at your church once every two years.  Their trip to your church can include preaching or teaching through a translator and/or having a Russia Partnership Banquet or gatherings in homes.

  • Annually informing the partnership of your church’s giving intentions for the coming year.

 Russia Partnership Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in the new partnership between the PCA and the PCE (Presbyterian Church of Eurasia)!

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