Church Update from Timur - 2018

  • I meet with Michael and Anatoli, who participated in our March 2017 conference, on a regular basis.

  • I often go to my daughter's school in Ventspils (a town in northwestern Latvia in the historical Courland region of Latvia, and the sixth largest city in the country) where I talk about Christ with children

  • A family in our church with two children recently moved from a 2-room flat to a 4-room flat (spacious by Latvian standards). They also had their children baptized!

Current Needs

Prayer Requests:

  • Timur desires to find ways to work with men and teach at his daughter Kate's school

  • A bigger building is needed to rent for worship and ministries

  • The Anichkin family currently lives in a one room flat. Please pray they would be able to move to one with at least three rooms

  • Timur seeks an opportunity to present Christ to an unbelieving son of an older sister in the church


  • The church desires to be able to purchase a video camera and build a church website

  • Timur hopes to buy a table tennis table to continue his ministry to sportsmen

  • It's very difficult to make long-term plans when your mind is occupied by how to survive. To implement all Timur's ministry plans, to support his church and family, he needs $2000-2500 a month (a $1100 increase in giving).

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