As a pastor of Reflection Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov in Moscow region, I can say that this region is like a huge untilled soil with a population of about 22 millions.  

We live 34 miles from Moscow. But even in Moscow there is only one Reformed church of Dutch tradition. Historically, the Russian Orthodox church dominates here but you can feel some spiritual emptiness. People are kind and sociable. But there are many temptations typical of developed regions.

We've got many plans and ideas about how to serve people. But we cannot invite people to our house since the repairs have not been finished yet. People coming to worship with us in our house are our close friends. 

We feel we have enough energy and gifts given by God to minister in our region. We can organize masterclasses for children and adults, conferences and seminars on family and child raising, concerts etc. We already held two concerts - one in a central park of the city and another in a nursing home. 

  • For our ministry we desparately need a van since it's not comfortable and very exhausting to travel by electic trains with small children and musical instruments. We pray for $5000-$10,000 for transport. 
  • Also we pray for a place to worship. There are two choices: to rent or to build. For building we need $30,000 - 50,000. 
  • Pastor's family support: $2000 a month. We're expecting our sixth baby. Please pray for my wife's health and for a baby. 
  • To continue our music ministry for non-Christians we need a one-time help of $3000 to buy equipment like speakers, microphones, boosters etc. 
Reflection Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov, June 12, 2016

Reflection Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov, June 12, 2016

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