Global Victory Through the Church

Jesus gave the keys of the Kingdom to leaders of the church, promising universal victory to His Church (Matt. 16:18). In Acts the pattern of church planting indicates that the churches sent men across cultural and national borders to nourish weaker churches and establish new ones (Acts 11-15). In the book of Acts presbyteries and church-wide councils took responsibility for the spread of the Gospel through sending and providing for missionary-evangelists. Our movement in Eurasia is both a recipient of missionaries and a sender of missionaries.

Equipping Equippers

In Ephesians 4 we read that God gifts the church with evangelists, pastors and teachers, and yet even these must first be equipped to be able to do the ministry.  II Timothy 2:2, What you have heard from me...impart to faithful men, that they may be able to teach others also.

Hope Russia exists to equip and raise up faithful men who will be able to teach others and equip laymen for the work of ministry. We do this through a three-year training experience that includes two intensive courses a year in St. Petersburg. During this training period we attempt to combine practical ministry challenges in evangelism and counseling with the study of theology, church history, liturgy, and preaching. The courses are taught by both Russian-speaking teachers, and non-Russian speaking teachers using translators.

The Work of the Local Church Through Its Saints

We believe that local victory comes through the saints being equipped for the work of ministry, Ephesians 4:7-13. This work of the church is accomplished through evangelism, caring, healing, family counseling and teaching. Three of these connected with us are Club Butterfly, the Prison Ministry, and the Davidsons' home schooling movement. To read more about them, click below.