The peace of God and His grace prevail in our church.

In spite of the fact that our community is rather small, we try to maintain unity and mutual understanding. Such a family atmosphere is possible because of the Lord Who gives us love to love Him and our neighbor.

Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church. 2016.

Three kids have already been born and baptized in our community since 2015. There are many kids in our church and we love when they increase!


Ordination of Victor, SRS Seminary student

In spring 2016 we ordained Victor Amelin for eldership. His work in our congregation is very valuable. He helps a lot with organizing worship services. Victor is a student of the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg. 

Ordination of Victor Amelin.

Ordination of Victor Amelin.

Helen Sukhareva, Pastor Sergey's wife, about March 2016 conference on homeschooling and marriage seminar for SRS pastors wives:

The seminar on marriage helped our family to solve some problems which seemed could not to be solved. We both realized our biblical responsibilities in a family and made a decision to get better. I’d like to express my gratitude to Eleanor Mahon, Cathy Purcell, Andie Davidson and all others who participated in organizing this marriage seminar.
As for the conference on homeschooling..., it is safe to say that it helped us to choose to right way to educate our child. Before we had some doubts concerning homeschooling. But after this conference we became firmly convinced that this is the only right way to educate children. The experience of other Christian families who teach their children at home helped us see that homeschooling is not just a theory but positive practice. I want to mention the book of Blake Purcell (What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?) where the author explains very clearly why we should not send our children to public schools. When I read Blake’s book I understood that the Bible is not only for the idea of homeschooling...

Blessing of children during the worship service.

Birthday greetings after the church service.

Helen Sukhareva.

Helen Sukhareva.

...The Bible shows that it’s the only right way to educate your children God entrusted to you by His mercy. I want to thank SRS for its ministry in Russia and to our family in particular.

Pastor Sergey Sukharev's life and ministry are a brilliant example of both the power of God's word to conform us to the image of Christ, and the power of building a church movement on the rock of obedience to Christ's commands and not on appearances.

Igor Krutogolov, a seminary graduate, became an elder of this church four years ago, when Sergey was still not yet an elder of the church. Sergey came from a denomination and family which focused on emotions rather than obedience to God's objective revelation.  

Slowly through studying the Bible he became convinced that the Reformed faith was the best explanation of Biblical faith.

When the former pastor had to leave the ministry, he knew that he needed more training.  He became the pastor about the same time that he enrolled in the seminary in 2014. He now leads of the church of 15 families in downtown St. Petersburg that meets in a pre-revolutionary Lutheran church building on Malaya Kanyushnaya. He is the one pastor in our seminary that currently does not need outside financial help for him to have time to do the ministry and grow his church. Sergey is married and has one child.