The closed Muslim country where Ridon serves is hostile to Christianity. He founded Truth and Freedom Church in August, 2011. The church has 25 members.

Ridon's church planting ministry in Central Asia has seen more fruit for Christ in the last few years than our other churches put together. From June 2015 till June 2016 18 people made the covenant with God and joined His church. 

The nominally-Muslim population comprehend little of Islam. Politically and culturally dominated by Russian-Soviet authorities for more than a century the people are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Church members together with Ridon try to evangelize to men because if a man comes to Christ, then his whole family. This is how their culture works. Recently Ridon and brothers evangelized to one man and he believed. Soon his wife and three kids came to Christ. The whole family made a decision to be baptized and joined Chirst church. Praise God! 

In August 2015 generous donors to SRS gave money for Ridon to purchase a van to use as a "traveling church" to spread the Gospel more effectively.


Key Statistics

  • Population total for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan is 66 million
  • 50 million of these are nominal Muslims
  • Russian, as well as being spoken by the six million ethnic Russians and Ukrainians of Central Asia, is the de facto lingua franca throughout the former Soviet Central Asian Republics.
  • A large percentage of these Central Asia republics also speak the languages spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.  This language bridge could allow the fruits of our work in these republics to spread beyond their borders.

Prayer Needs

  • For God to soften the hearts of government officials to the gospel
  • That God protect their church from those hostile to Christianity
  • Continued faithfulness of the church
  • Wisdom/Means to reach young people for Christ

Financial needs

  • Monthly support for evangelism materials
  • One time needs include
    • Roof repair of poor family in church
    • Small business loan to open mini market and poultry farm