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My name is Ravil. I was born in Ufa – a big city in the Ural Mountains. I grew up in the atheistic family. In 1994 there was an evangelistic project “Ural-94 Mission” in our city. My mother and my sister attended that project. I noticed how their life had changed from that moment. Christ's name and the news about the salvation they received were on their lips all the time. Soon they were baptized and became members of the local Baptist church. Through my mom’s and sister’s testimony I found out that there is God and that He has a Book where He tells about Himself. I began reading that Book. But for a long time the biblical revelations were just an information for me.

God led me through different hardships and tests and with the lapse of time He opened my heart great riches He provides in Christ. I confessed that I am a sinner who by right deserves eternal punishment but now is forgiven by Christ. God filled my heart with joy of salvation and desire to live for His glory all my life by learning Him. I was baptized in water when I served in the Russian Army. After my transfer to the reserve God gave me a chance to study in the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg. After my graduation God blessed me to marry the best girl who loves God with all her heart. God gave us three wonderful children. At present by God’s mercy I serve as a pastor in Tyumen Presbyterian Church in Siberia.

Annual Family Camp

Tymen Family Camp. Summer, 2015.

Tymen Family Camp. Summer, 2015.

Every year we arrange a Family Camp for our church members. Usually we rent a country house for 3-5 days and invite a special guest/speaker. The topic of 2016 Family Camp was Instruments in the Redeemers' Hands. The key speaker was Rev. Oleg Volkov, pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg. The purpose of the whole teaching and fellowship was to help people learn how to serve each other by the gift of love. There were about 40 people in the camp including children. Please enjoy some pictures that show some interesting moments of this camp.