Goodbye America, Hello Sanctions!

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Goodbye America, Hello Sanctions! 

President Evgeni and Saule return August 13 to Moscow. With new sanctions against Russia announced yesterday, August 9, please pray for wisdom and peace on both sides so that the Gospel and Church can thrive in Russia and beyond. 

Claim Micah 4:1-7 before God’s throne. 

Enjoy Evgeni’s letter. We need to raise 90% of the money mentioned below in August. 


Blake Purcell

Dear American Friends in Christ,

Saule and I wanted to write to say thank you so very much for one of the most fun and interesting times of our lives.  Tomorrow we leave for New Hampshire, then to Moscow on Tuesday. Our kids are ready to see us.
I wanted to share with you that we have made a good start on raising the money we need to hold the intensive course on 24 September. We have about 15 pastors planning on attending. They have been reading and interacting with me almost everyday on worship and the sacraments and are excited to meet in September. 

However, for this course to take place we  still need in the next 6 weeks:
  • 3 $25,000 one time gifts
  • 10 $500/month gifts
  • 24 $250/month gifts
  • 40 $100/month gifts
Please let us know if you can make a 2 year commitment for one of these gifts now. We believe that God can meet all these needs. Pass this on to all those you introduced us to in your church.

Again, we are so grateful for opening your homes, hearts, and churches to us. 
Please click here to enjoy our Russian folk music again.
God Bless You!

Evgeni Kruzkhov
Biblical Theological Seminary of Hope Russia
Hope Russia
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