Delight to Your Soul

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Delight to your soul

Above: families of seminary graduates Evgeniy Kruzhkov (2017), Ruslan Moroz (2017), Blake and Cathy Purcell with children and first students (1993), and seminary graduate Yuri Levchenko (2017).
There are almost 900 people in all churches where our students and pastors minister, and 50% of the members are children. Hence the importance of teaching how to achieve peace and see fruits when raising children in the Lord. That's what Rev. Blake Purcell did the first week of our Intensive Course.

"Correct your son, and he will give you rest; yes, he will give delight to your soul". 

(Proverbs 29:17)

"It's fantastic!"

Yan Helm

2nd year student, preacher in the Evangelical church of Engels, south of Russia
To tell the truth, I'm so envious of Blake and people he talked about in his course Delight to your soul. Thank you, Blake, for being so clear, bold and straightforward. It's fantastic! "Our lives are restful because of our children and grandchildren, and our lives are enjoyable because of them. I am so grateful to God for his showing us these things before we had a large family, and had done irreparable damage to our kids!" And I'm grateful to Blake for showing me these things now.

Gennadi Pekarev

1st year student, pastor of the Evangelical church of Vyatskie Polyani, Central Russia
Blake talked about the cultural mandate and encouraged us to fill the earth with children. Christians must give birth to Christians. And Christians must discipline their children to teach them be obedient to parents and faithful to Christ in spite of all circumstances. Only then will we take delight in them. And so will God! Thank you for helping me undestand it. I hope these lectures will be turned into a book I can share in my church.

Roman Pankin

1st year student, pastor of the Evangelical church of Kaltan, Syberia
I totally agree that we must fill up the emotional bucket of those we minister to so that when we have to dip some emotional water out, "the bucket knows that we have their best in mind, and the blessings of the relationship far outweigh the pain and challenge of it", as Blake said. Our children need encouragement and of course, only we as parents can fill up their emotional bucket, making their faith strong. If we don't do it, then the world will do it for us to its evil advantage. 
Families of our current seminary students: (L to R) top row: Gennadi Pekarev (pastor, Vyatskie Polyani), Roman Pankin (pastor, Siberia), Yan Helm (preacher, Engels), Sergei Sukharev (pastor, St. Petersburg); bottom row: Andrei Kosygin (pastor, Saratov), Andrei Skryabin (pastor, Kemerovo region), Andrei Cherynayvski (pastor, Kemerovo region), Victor Amelin (elder, St. Petersburg).
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