Thanks from a land far, far away

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Happy Thanksgiving from Russia


Dear friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

Students of our seminary on this day want to express gratitude to all who support the work of the ministry of our seminary.

Dmitry Datsuk and Grace Church, St. Petersburg

"Thank you very much for all the lectures and teachers. Glory and thanksgiving to the Lord."

Andrey Dyatlov and the Reformed Church of Kazan

"I am grateful for the informal fellowship at home with Blake and the opportunity for fellowship in the hostel. I thank everyone who was able to invest in this project, who can share both knowledge and experience in the ministry."

Andrei Kosygin and the church in the city of Saratov (Central Russia)

"Thank you for the wonderful time in the seminary and the opportunity to meet new people."

Pavel Lozovsky and Morning Star Church, Kolpino (St. Petersburg area)

"From the bottom of our hearts, my wife and I and the Morning Star Church in which we serve thank all the churches, all believers and, of course, Blake and Cathy Purcell for the opportunity to study at the BTS Seminary. Studying in the seminary helps me a lot in my ministry and spiritual formation. The Lord bless you "

Roman Pankin and Koltanska Church, Kemerovo, Siberia

"Thank you for everything you do for us."

Victor Predvechny and Roman Melnichenko and Cornerstone Church, Slavgorod, Altai Territory

"Fellowship during the intensive, experienced teachers and the team have become a real blessing for us. There are no words to express our gratitude to all those who have made this training real in our life!"

Gennady Pekarev and the church in Vyatskie Polyany, Central Russia

"I'm glad I spent this wonderful time with you. Thank God and greetings and thanks from the church in the village of Vyatskie Polyany."

Sergey Sukharev, Holy Trinity Church, St. Petersburg

"Many thanks to all the teachers, Evgenyi, Blake, Brian, and Sergei and all the sponsors!"

Gennady Pyatin and the church in the city of Magnitogorsk, Western Siberia

"Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, and the care of paying for the basic costs of transportation, accommodation, and meals. Praise God for the work of the rector and administrator. Your cooperation with different organizations and teachers is a blessing as well."

Andrei Skryabin, and the church in Prokopyevsk, Siberia

"Much gratitude to everyone who participated in the organization of this intensive, especially financially, for providing me the privilege of coming and receiving knowledge to use in the service of the Lord..."
The staff and board of SRS are grateful to God for all of our supporters and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
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