Impressions of a Theological Fall in St. Petersburg

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Impressions of a Theological Fall in St. Petersburg

Dear friends!

We have some vivid impressions from our students about the fall session in St. Petersburg, during October 2017. This is your opportunity to connect with these fine ministers. Enjoy!!

Evgeniy Kruzhkov
Rector of the SRS Seminary in St. Peterburg, Russia

Minister Yan Helm

New Life Evangelical Church of Engels (Central part of Russia)

"I’m still sure that my training in this seminary is God’s miracle – unconditionally and undoubtedly. I thank God and teachers for that. My sincere gratitude to all remarkable sponsors of this project. I promise to write a novel or at least a good article about this seminary and people working here.
My immediate application from this course is to make my family a higher priority. I plan to take my wife to the theater, and my daughter to the water park!"
(On the photo above Yan is with his daughter Vasilisa upon arrival home.)

Pastor Andrei Chernyavski

Evangelical Church of Osinniki (Siberia)
"I liked a lot that our fellowship was sincere, in the simplicity of our hearts. Meetings at Blake's were wonderful. I want to note tolerance of other people's views. I think that the atmosphere of brotherly love helped both students and teachers enjoy the training material and fellowship. It's a great privilelge for me to participate in these intensive courses and serve God with new knowledge I absorbed in this seminary". 

Pastor Roman Pankin

Evangelical Church of Kaltan (Siberia)
«Care for students and hospitality of Blake's family - that's what I remember the most. And of course, the story about Blake's ministry in Russia and his personal examples. They really inspire! Everything you do is already good. What could be better?"
(Pictured: Roman and his family)

Elder Victor Amelin

Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg
"This course was unique for me. I've never had such a useful training. It's interesting that in terms of doctrine we are all so different but we were able to become friends as students of this seminary." 
(Pictured: Victor and his family)

Preacher Pavel Lozovski

Morning Star Church of St. Petersburg
"I remember that I did not rest for 21 days. Truly, Blake is right saying that we should have some rest. I was glad to see so many new students from afar. Sergei Sudakov's teaching is like a nice academic injection in our educational process. At the same time we study other subjects, like Revelation, from the position which became a "business card" of St. Petersburg seminary. I'm sure if the seminary holds on to this course and practical training like on Blake's lectures, then we'll have a great balance of education and good disciples".

Student Vladimir Krasichkov

Reformed Christians of Toliatti, Central part of Russia
"I met many strange people who then happened to be good and pleasant. In my life I used to communicate with a narrow circle of friends who belong to the intellectuals. This session has really healed me from my snobbery. I saw and heard how our living God acts and changes lives of these people. It inspires and makes me happy. I found it very challenging to view things for the first time in my life from the teacher's point of view. I still don't agree with everything I heard but I am evaluating my life and beliefs in a new way because of their example and teaching". 

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God bless you!

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