A Word From an Irishman on Adopting SRS Eurasian Churches

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Christ beside me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ within me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me.
-St. Patrick (c. AD 385-461)

A Word From an Irishman on Adopting SRS Eurasian Churches

My name is Brian O'Leary. I come from the little fishing village of Baltimore in West Cork, Ireland, I have been a U.S. citizen and lived in the USA most of my life, the past twenty-two years in the beautiful state of Kentucky. As the newest member of the board of SRS, I wanted to write to you about three of our four SRS supported church plants. I am excited about them all because, just as St. Patrick in Ireland, they are preaching Christ where He is not otherwise being preached. As the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans:

And thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named... but as it is written, “Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.”
Romans 15

The SRS board would ask you in the name of Christ to consider "adopting" one our four pastors who are planting three of our churches in Eurasia. Adopting means you yourself (or your congregation) may provide all of their support listed below, or a half, or one third. In addition, it means a relationship with the church plant, a relationship in which you plan to have the pastor and his family and other church leaders visit you in the USA and for yourself (and members of your congregation) to visit them at their Eurasian location, on a periodic basis. 

Please also remember that for the necessary administrative support for these churches, SRS uses 10% of all gifts given to designated church plants. 

Pastor Timur Anichkin

Christ the Savior Reformed Church of Yurmala, Latvia

Seminar “What is a Real Man”, March 2017. Timur is now following up to bring these 8 men to Christ. 
Timur has had 2 men in his table-tennis club begin to study the Bible with him and hear the Gospe for the first time in their lives.  
Two or three times a year Timur is invited into his daughter Kate's public school classroom to share the Gospel. His last lessons were on Christmas and Easter.
Cost for Adopting Christ the Savior Church of Jurmala:
Salary $1,100/month
Church Rental/ministry $1,000

Total $2,200/month 

Pastor Kirill Treschetka

Freedom of Christ Presbyterian Church, Kavalerovo

Why is THIS church plant important?

Kavalerovo is a town of 25,000 in the Far East of Russia where, historically, small ethnic groups such as Taz and Nanai have  lived. The religion of these groups is Shamanism. The ministry of Kirill and his wife Ludmilla is a way to reach these people with the Gospel. Kavalerovo itself has no other churches that are reaching out in the name of Christ, and with the Bible, to the 25,000 Russian speakers there.
In 2016 Kirill and Ludmilla visited two villages about 100 miles from Kavalerovo where 250 ethnic Taz and Nanai live. They arranged concerts there and a Bible Study. These people heard the Gospel for what was probably the first time in their lives. 
Kiril's and Ludmilla's church is growing because they really love people and have the joy of the Lord. Here Kiril just finished playing one of the 100 songs he has written about Jesus and the faith. This was at a celebration meal held after he baptized his son-in-law Roma. 
Cost of adopting Freedom of Christ Church in Kavalerovo:
$1,100 per month in salary and for maintaining church property. 
$10,000 one time in 2017 to build addition to church building. 

Total $32,400

Pastor Yuri Levchenko

Reflection  of Christ Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov

"This region is like a huge untilled soil with a population of about 22 million... and we have enough energy and gifts to minister here!"

The Moscow region. Dmitrov is located 34 miles north of Moscow.
On the left: Yuri's family: wife Svetlana, sons: Timothy, 15, Kirill, 14, Matthew, 10; daughters: Svetlana, 4, and Kristina, 1. They're expecting another baby soon!
Evgeni with his son Vyacheslav and Yuri with two sons Timothy and Kirill hold an evangelilistic concert at the nursing home.
Cost of planting Reflection of Christ Presbyterian Church in the Moscow Region:
Salary -$3,000 per month
Rent for church property $1,000 per month
Purchase of family/ministry van $10,000 one time

Total $58,000

Pastor Evgeni Kruzhkov

Reflection of Christ Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov, Moscow region

"Like Abraham and Sarah, we left our home and moved here."
  • Teacher and Elder
  • Co-President of the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg
On the right: Evgeni's family: wife Saule, daughters: Adel, 19, Vera, 10, Margarete, 5, Lidiya, 4, and son Vyacheslav, 13.

Evgeni teaching children after the worship at the Reflection of Christ Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov.
Evgeni teaching on Romans in the Biblical Theological Seminary of SRS in St. Petersburg.
Cost of supporting Evgeni as assistant pastor in the Reflection of Christ Presbyterian church and as co-President of the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg:
Salary $3,000 per month

Total $36,000
Thank you for your time. Please pray for these pastors and consider if you can adopt or support one of them. If you can please contact Blake Purcell at purcell.russia@gmail.com, or call him at 682.333.2854. 

If you have any questions concerning these adoptions feel free to write me at brianfoleary@yahoo.com. My mobile number is 859.321.0944. 

Together with Paul the Apostle, we assure you that your work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope are not in vain before the Lord!

I'm ready to support one of these pastors
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