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Problem: Spread of Islamic Terrorism

Solution in Progress: Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In the city of Kazan, the Islamic capital of Russia, population 600,000, not only is there an Orthodox Church inside the wall, but nearby is a growing 10 year-old Christian congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Eurasia, which is also accommodated by the Islamic capital.
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Islam is the world's second largest religious group, with 1.8 billion adherents, making up about 24% of the world's population. Western Europe alone hosts large Islamic immigrant communities of 24 million people, or 6% of the total population.
Source: Wikipedia
Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union have the following populations of Muslims:
 Uzbekistan 26,833,000
 Russia 20,000,000

AzerbaijanAzerbaijan 9,872,765
 Kazakhstan 8,887,000
 Tajikistan 6,506,000
 Kyrgystan 4,927,000
Turkmenistan 4,830,000


Of all Muslims on the face of the earth, the 80 million Muslims of the former Soviet Union are the most open to the Gospel of Christ.

According to Wikipedia, "Russian, as well as being spoken by around six million ethnic Russians and Ukrainians of Central Asia, is the de facto lingua franca throughout the former Soviet Central Asian Republics".

Only a strong Russian-speaking church will be an effective bridge into the Muslim countries of Central Asia.

Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

This past year brought a church into our denomination whose ruling elder, Vlad, was himself born a Tatar Muslim. He converted to Christ, and is now ruling in his church in Kazan, just a few miles outside the wall referenced in the photo caption above. 
SRS pastor Kirill, left, ministering in Kazan church that joined the Eurasia Presbytery. This church is just a few miles from the fort with the churches and mosque above. Vlad is the man on Kirill's left.

Central Asia, undisclosed country

God has already used the Biblical Theological Seminary (BTS) of SRS to train a young man, Ridon, from Islamic Central Asia. He earned his Master's in Biblical studies in 4 years at BTS. Later, Blake, Cathy, and Laura Purcell traveled to his hometown in Islamic Central Asia, and helped launch his ministry there. Ridon came to Christ as a Muslim, and now is planting churches among the millions of Muslims in Central Asia. Before Ridon came to Christ, he violently persecuted his own sisters for going to church, until Christ tamed him and he became a peace loving man. More people are coming to Christ in his ministry than in any other SRS ministry.
Right: Ridon speaking in the Biblical Theological Seminary in 2012
If we want to see Islamic terrorism disappear from the earth, we must use the only weapon that causes men to stop hating, and that is the love of Christ.
We must be faithful in bringing the Gospel to the largest open Islamic populations on the earth. We cannot go to them without in the process winning to Christ the Russians who surround them, whose language they use every day.
Then these Muslim converts to Christ can cross their borders from the former USSR into the more Islam-dominated countries Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the love of Christ on their lips, and the life of Christ in their limbs.
This map shows the churches of our new students. Most of them are located in Islamic areas along the southern border of Russia, next to many Islamic countries. These countries - former Soviet republics - in turn border Islam-dominated countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
By supporting SRS you are effectively eradicating Islamic terrorism at the root, the human heart.

Please pray that more Eurasian Muslims will come to Christ and enroll in our seminary and discipleship training!

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