Thunder From a Clear Sky

God is raining "showers of blessing" on the church in Romanovka!
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Thunder From a Clear Sky

The Lord Unexpectedly Provides $32,000 to Finish the Church Building in Romanovka!

What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, God has prepared for those who love Him.

I Corinthians 2:9
by Ruslan Moroz, pastor of Light to the World Presbyterian Church

A dream for a church building

In 2007 my wife Olga and I were sent to Romanovka as missionaries of a Korean Presbyterian church and founded Light to the World Presbyterian Church in 2008. Soon after, I was ordained in the Primorye Presbytery which unites Presbyterian churches founded by Koreans. 

(Right: Blake Purcell in our church building March 29, 2017)
Our church was officially registered with the Russian Ministry of Justice, and with donations from a Korean church and my family's own money, we erected a church building to worship in! 

Thunder from a clear sky

When we lost our original building because the owners were not from our church and they wanted it back, we started praying that the Lord would bless us to build a new one. In 2013, one of the families gave the church their piece of land and construction began.
We had been given many $1,000's from American donors to build the church building over 4 years. Because of this, when Blake Purcell came to us in Romanovka in March of 2017, I decided not to bring up the need for $30,000 this summer to finish the church building.
When Blake came he saw that we had $40,000 tied up in the half-constructed church. And before I knew what was happening, he took many pictures and wrote an email from here on March 30 to some friends of SRS, titled, "It's time for Romanovka to have a church!"

Soon after that a friend from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Issaquah, WA, let me know that he would be giving $20,000 to help finish the church building! Then Faith Presbyterian in Tacoma WA let us know they would be doing a love offering May 21st. And Christ Church in Mankato, MN told us just 10 days ago that they would be sending $5000 for the building. And now Faith has raised $7600 for a love offering for our church! And we did not ask for so much money this summer!
$32,000 has been given since March 30th, and we did not ask man, but prayed to God!
God knew we desperately needed it. This is blessed thunder from a clear sky!
The Light of the World gets a roof! With the $18,000 we have already received we bought the materials and just completed covering and insulating the roof!

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might"

Ecclesiastes 9:10
The hired builders do the difficult work, but several brothers and I help with whatever we can. We hope to complete the major work and be able to hold services there beginning in October. The rest, such as internal and external decoration, can be done later.
In order to be ready to move in by October, we still must install windows, doors, and flooring, connect the electricity and water, cover the walls from inside and outside, level the land and create drainage, and build a fence. 

Hopes for the future ministry in our new church building

Lord willing, in the new building we will continue our devotionals with the men of the church every day from Monday to Saturday, 8 to 9 AM, and add an evening service on Wednesdays to study the Bible.
(Right: church members feasting near the unfinished building)
We hope to also continue or begin these ministries:
  • Prayer evening service on Fridays
  • Morning liturgy on Sundays
  • Sunday school for unbelieving children
  • Evangelical summer camp for children from unbelieving homes
  • Host several day meetings for men from different churches and non-churched men from throughout our region, including Kiril Treschetka's church. We plan to invite brothers and ministers from America for these meeting as well. 
We are so thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for our American Christian friends and their wonderful and quick generosity to us!
In Russia it is very important to have a church building as an official place to worship. Without a building our church attendance dropped from 40 people attending services to just 20. We hope that when a new building is completed, many more people will begin coming again. Some have already promised to begin coming when the building is finished.

This will be the only church building with a worshipping congregation in all of Romanovka!

Ruslan Moroz
Light to the World Presbyterian Church
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