Report from Latvia: Reaching the Unreached, Teaching the Untaught

First look at the Making Missions Great Again campaign on the ground
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Report from Riga and Jurmala, Latvia:

Reaching the Unreached, Teaching the Untaught

Wednesday: Timur, Yuri, and Evgeni are smiling even though they are working through a wet cold rain, as they invited 30 men to the weekend's seminar.


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Reaching the Unreached

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, March 1-3: Pastors Timur, Yuri, Evgeni and Blake Purcell will attempt to invite 300 Russian-speaking men to attend the seminar (Friday and Saturday, March 3-4) What Is a Real Man: God's Perspective.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch 20 men's hearts to attend, and from this group for a men's Bible study to begin, which pastor Timur will lead. Less than 1% of the Russian-speaking population in Latvia is evangelical Christian!


Teaching the Untaught

This map shows the hometowns of the students in the Biblical Theological Seminary in St. Petersburg, Russia. 15 Russian-speaking men (including Timur from Latvia, and Yuri and Evgeniy from Dmitrov, near Moscow) will be coming together for two weeks in St. Pete to help each other see Christ better and be more like him. We have never had a student body that lives so spread out.

If each of these new students plants a church in his hometown, these will probably be the first Reformed churches in those towns. Our student body is doubling in size at this intensive! 

Most of the men have never been taught how to study the Bible or how to teach the Bible. What a great privilege to teach the untaught in the largest country in the world!

Blake, Evgeniy, Yuri, and Timur

Blake, Evgeniy, Yuri, and Timur in Latvia.

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Enjoying being your representative in the former Soviet Union!

Blake Purcell
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