Support Youth with Disabilities in Russia

                                                     Join us to support Club Babochka (a camp for kids with disabilities in Russia).                        
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                                                           Mission Trip to Club Butterfly in Russia                             
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Club Babochka is in a tough situation...
Club Babochka was founded in 2003 by Anya Sergeeva who came to Christ through SRS's early ministry in Russia. Almost every year one or two kids come to Christ through this ministry.

Babochka primarily operates through annual summer and winter retreats for its campers. Oleg Volkov's SRS church in St. Petersburg sees this as one of it's primary missions. The church now supplies about one-third of the counselors and volunteers each year. Read more about SRS's involvement here.

Club Babochka is in a tough situation. One of their biggest sponsors is on the verge of cancelling their support.

The sponsor is a local charity group and they feel Club Babochka just doesn’t have enough shareable media that the charity can use to continue raising support. Babochka doesn’t have the funds or the staff to create this media, so they've asked two filmmakers, Zachary Purcell and Ryan Sax, to volunteer their work to film and produce several promotional videos of Babochka.
This is where you come in. We need your help to fund the $6,500 needed for this trip. These funds will go towards the costs of plane tickets, visas, renting camera equipment, and for post production (editing, translating, subtitles,etc...).
            Club Babochka is a ministry to kids and young adults with moderate to severe disabilities.        
            Playing Hockey at the winter retreat!        
            Sasha sharing his testimony with other campers        
            Hanging out with friends!        
                                                     The filmmakers will be able film the winter retreat (Jan. 4-8th) as well as visit several of the homes of the kids and film how they live their daily lives. Their plan is to create several promotional videos as well as a few in-depth testimonials of the kids and their families and how God has used Club Babochka to minister to their needs in profound ways.

Our hope is that this trip meets the immediate needs of providing Babochka and the charity with compelling media of God working through their ministry, but more than that, we hope God uses these videos to work on the hearts and minds of Christians all over the world to greatly increase the financial and spiritual support Babochka receives.

Since about 2011 Babochka has had to turn down kids every year because they don’t have the finances and Christian volunteers to continue growing the camps. Lord willing, this trip will be the first in a series of steps to change that.


The costs for this trip is $6,500. We are asking God to provide:
  • 5 supporters at $500 each
  • 10 supporters at $200 each
  • 40 supporters at $50 each
by December 25th, 2016.

Also, pray that the funds come in, the trip and filming are successful and that God continues moving the hearts of believers and non-believers in Russia and around the world, to support the work that God is doing through Club Babochka.

Lord willing, we'll be sending out an email early next year with links to a few of these videos!                        
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