The Only Real Solution To Global Violence



Be part of the only real solution to global violence, through a gift to SRS

If you pay attention to global trends, one thing is obvious: unjust violence is on the rise. 

Two of the main threats to peace, one proven and the other perceived, are Islamic terrorism and Russia. In April 2016, the US Secretary of Defense put Russia at the top of threats to the US, and Islamic terrorism as number five. Much of how real these threats are to us here in America is debatable as you may read about at The Free Thought Project.

What is undebatable and undeniable is that the only real long-term solution to global violence is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 2:4 proclaims that, through the Word of the Lord, who is the Logos, Jesus Christ...

...they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
    and their spears into pruning hooks;
nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
    neither shall they learn war anymore.

Ministries like SRS, which has been preaching and modeling Christ in the former Soviet Union since 1990, are actually building world peace.

By God's grace, since the founding of SRS we have been able to plant 9 churches across 9 times zones in 4 countries. We have facilitated the crucial prison ministry Kapelan, and the Bobochka (Butterfly) ministry to the handicapped. We have initiated the only church-based homeschooling network in Russia, led by Andie and Scott Davidson.  

Our general fund has been the key to making this happen as it keeps Cathy and me both in Eurasia, and traveling to churches in North America to promote SRS. Remember, we are planting churches among 70 million Muslims in that part of the world. This is the real open door to Islam!

The $50,000 we are still needing to raise by August 1 will:

1. Pay for our travel to churches and ministries this year.

2. Pay salaries for field and support staff.

3. Allow us to pay for the November 2016 intensive course which 10 Russian-speaking pastors, some from Muslim backgrounds, are expected to attend. 

We have never cancelled or delayed an intensive course due to lack of funding, so we are looking to the Lord through folks like you to not have this happen now.  

So far we have not been able to confirm American ministers coming to teach in St. Pete because this $50,000 has not been given. Once it is given, we will confirm those teachers and get plans going for November in St. Petersburg.

If you wish to give, you may do so through our website.

In Christ,

Blake Purcell

Teaching Elder/Evangelist Pacific Northwest Presbytery

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