To Bring Obedience of Faith Among All the Gentiles...

Kirill Treschetka is one of the ministers who serve in the Far East of Russia. Together with evangelists from Japan, China and Yakutia (a republic in eastern Russia) they eager to fulfill the Great Commission: to bring about obedience of faith among all nations for Christ name’s sake. All these men serve people of small nationalities like Taz and Nanai. The ministers do their best to bring the Gospel to the remotest part of the earth.

Who are Taz and Nanai? The Taz formed in the 1890s, from intermarriages between UdegeNanai and Chinese. The Taz speak Russian and the Taz language (a Chinese dialect with some words from Udege and Nanai). The Nanai people are a Tungusic people of the Far East, who have traditionally lived along Heilongjiang (Amur), Songhuajiang (Sunggari) and Ussuri rivers on the Middle Amur Basin. The ancestors of the Nanais were the Jurchens of northernmost Manchuria

The religion of these two ethnic groups is shamanism.

Kirill and his wife Ludmilla visited the village where 150 ethnics live. The village is very small but there is a post office, a club, and a boarding school with 12 students only. In the pictures you can see the conditions of life and the house where Kirill and Ludmilla spent two nights. They were able to meet the head of the local authorities and visit the museum.

Together with other missionaries Kirill and Ludmilla organized Christmas concert for local community and had one more Christmas celebration according to the Russian Orthodox calendar.

After that Kirill and Ludmilla left for another village, Mikhailovka, which is located 94 miles from their home in Kavalerovo. That village is also inhabited by small nationalities.  

Please pray for Kirill to be able to visit those two villages on a regular basis and begin studying the Bible with locals.