My name is Kirill Treschetka. I’m a pastor of the Freedom in Christ Presbyterian Church, Kavalerovo, the Far East of Russia.

My road to the Lord started in spring of 1990. I was going through tough times then and was just about to commit suicide as I heard Him saying “I need you alive!”

Before, when I read the Bible I didn’t quite understand it but after having seen the movie Jesus Christ everything started clicking into place and I repented in solitariness. Renewed by the repentance, while reading the Sermon of the Mount, I realized how much I was deluded. Tears were showering from my eyes, I suffered bitter mortification, and again I heard Jesus saying to me, “That’ll do, just follow Me!”

Shortly after this episode I found out the ability to rhyme and versify. For some of the poems I could even hear music coming! I was looking for a church in big cities, such as Vladivostok, Ussurisk, far away from the small place I used to live, but I was blessed to find it very closely in Kavalerovo town, in 1993.

My wife’s name is Ludmilla. We have been married for thirty-seven years. We have two daughters and five grandchildren. I’m sixty and my wife is fifty-nine. We have been Christians for twenty-two years already. 

My wife and I have been in the ministry to the Lord since 1995, including our study in the Presbyterian Seminary of Primorski Krai (in the Far East of Russia). We always lived near the church in different cities and villages of the Far East (like Kavalerovo, Vladivostok, Nakhodka) and participated in preaching the Gospel and teaching the youth. We see our duty as the search of coworkers, or team-mates, and teachable people.

In 2003 I began my own ministry as an ordained pastor. We preached the Gospel in five villages of the remote district of the Far East. Due to unemployment, difficulties of the country life and the closing of schools in our area many people left their homes for the big cities. The size of our church decreased, there were no means to live and maintain the house of prayer. I moved to Kavalerovo, where I found several jobs to provide for my family and be able to preach in those villages I left in the remote district. 

Before I met Blake Purcell I studied the Reformed literature, different confessions of faith, was in correspondence with the Reformed brothers of Russia and the Netherlands, and tried to find like-minded people. My way to the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg began in 2006 when I was invited to participate in the seminary intensive course. 

I graduated the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg in March 2011 with the Master’s Degree in Biblical Sciences.

The Freedom in Christ Church practices the Reformed liturgy, preaches the Gospel and distributes theological literature in the villages of Kavalerovo area which are located from 10 to 120 miles away. We hold worship services right in those villages, organize theological meetings and seminars. It’s so pleasant and encouraging to see those who wish to study and cooperate.

The economical situation in small towns and villages is getting worse. Flight of population is evident. Therefore I think that any support would be very timely and necessary while there is a chance to preach and there are those who can preach. 

Freedom in Christ Presbyterian Church has 15 adult members. Kavelorovo is currently a difficult place to live, with high unemployment. This results in families separating for long periods while one parent works in Vladivostok, the largest city in Far East Russia. Pastor Kirill also has an online church founded by his relatives in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Financial needs

  • Pastoral support and general church operation/ministry expenses
  • One time needs include
    • Water and septic at church
    • Ski and snowboard equipment
    • 4WD car/truck for traveling to remote villages
    • Supplies for Christian school

Prayer needs

  • That they could reach their region, called Primorsky Krai, with gospel. Many lost souls in this region.
  • Formation of a Christian high school.