Evgeniy Kruzhkov is rector of the Biblical Seminary of St. Petersburg and assistant field director of SRS. He is also a teacher and elder of Reflection Presbyterian Church of Dmitrov, Moscow region.

In 2011 Evgeni graduated from the seminary of St. Petersburg. From March 2011 till March 2017 he was a dean of the seminary, and beginning in March 2017, Evgeni has served as seminary rector. 

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Evgeniy with his family: wife Saule and children: Adel (19), Slava (13), Vera (10), Margarete (5), and Lidiya (4). 

As Rector of the Biblical Theological Seminary, Evgeniy acts as an authorized representative of SRS Board who handles all things relating to Seminary activity. He provides pastoral care for all people entrusted to him and is responsible for the moral and spiritual oversight of the work of the Seminary. His responsibilities also include overall oversight of  Seminary activities to ensure they are in line with the purposes and the curriculum of the Seminary and the plans and decisions of SRS, while staying within the approved budget. Evgeniy makes final decisions on all matters relating to the immediate activity of the Seminary, including approval of candidates for training in the Seminary, and interviews potential students before they can be enrolled.

Specific duties include:

  • Curriculum development in accordance with plans of the Seminary and SRS (3 year study plan, lining up intensive courses, internet courses and guest lectures)
  • Constant contact with students between intensive courses and during internet lectures to observe and approve homework assignments and to answer their questions about the curriculum.
  • Helping with exam evaluation during intensive courses (guest professors’ lectures)
  • Teaching during intensive course as provided by the Seminary curriculum
  • Maintaining the schedule during intensive course and internet lectures and to notify all students of changes
  • Counseling the Seminary students on the issues of preparing essays, theses, reports and other academic papers
  • Researching articles and newsletters for this site and the Russian seminary website 
  • Online participation in regular Seminary staff business meetings


Over the past years we have worked hard to attract new students to study in our seminary. As a result, 17 church ministers including new students from Saratov, Engels, Slavgorod and Omsk, came to St. Petersburg in November to participate in our regular intensive course.

We anticipate 20 students at our March 2018 Intensive. To reach that goal we must find $10,000 to pay for auditorium rent and lodging for our students. 

Thanks to our close cooperation with St. Petersburg Christian University, we hold our classes in very good auditoriums and accomodate all our students in the University hostel.