Arranging Your Flight

Round trip coach airfare to St. Petersburg typically runs between $800 and $1,300. Because of time zones, Monday departures on long eastbound flights (like from US cities to Europe) will arrive on Tuesday. Please arrange reservations that bring you into St. Petersburg as early in the afternoon as is practical. We will have people at the St. Petersburg airport to pick you up whenever you arrive on Tuesday, April 21. When choosing your return flight, you’ll notice that westbound departures from St. Petersburg typically take off quite early in the morning. Early morning departure allows travelers to arrive home in the US on the same day: take off on Monday… land on the same Monday in a city 7 to 10 time zones earlier than where you began. If you’d like assistance making your reservation, please call Mike Rasmussen (HopeRussia’s VP for US Ministries) at 214-755-2017. Mike will be delighted to help you! After completing your reservations, please email your itinerary to Mike: