“God Gives Freedom!”

Partner Churches in Siberia Lead the Lost to Jesus through Recovery Ministry


All across Russia, many of our partner churches sponsor addiction recovery ministries. Most of the one hundred adults who received Jesus as Lord last year in HopeRussia churches were introduced to him through these Christ-centered addiction recovery ministries. This page highlights recovery ministries in Kemerovo Oblast, Siberia. The three churches featured below are pastored by HopeRussia students.

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In the video below, HopeRussia Founder and President Blake Purcell visits Mercy House Rehabilitation Center in Kaltan, Siberia. As the camera pans to the far left, you will see second-year HopeRussia Seminary student Roman Pankin, who ministers at Mercy House while pastoring Kaltan Evangelical Church. Rehab inpatient, Micha, shares how Jesus Christ has changed his life, while Blake Purcell translates for us:

Mercy House operates a small farm (set of six photos, below), providing both food and the dignity of honest, hard work for the men in recovery. The photo on the lower right exemplifies the fact that 25% of Russians do not have indoor plumbing.

Here is the profound testimony of Eugene, who found Christ at Source of Life Rehabilitation Center in Osinneke, Siberia, where our student Andrey Chernyavski is pastor (2nd year seminary student, pictured near the top of this page).

Eugene’s Wedding Day; Pastor Andrey Chernyavski Officiating

Eugene’s Wedding Day; Pastor Andrey Chernyavski Officiating

The Lord found me and brought me to a rehabilitation center at the age of 32 years. When I was young, like most of the boys of that time, I grew up on the street, and of course I received my “education” accordingly. I began smoking at six; and I started  drinking and stealing a little later at 13 years of age. I  was a difficult child and gave a lot of trouble to adults. By the time I was 16 years old, I had began to use drugs.

There is no place for compassion in the life of a addicted person; there is no place for love and pity.  It’s every man for himself, and there are no relatives or close people. Everyone just turns away from you. And everyone who was once close turned away from me. I just now understand that the only one who is always with you is the Lord.

I have long resisted God, true, without even realizing it. Somewhere a year before coming to the center, I met an acquaintance I once used with, and he told me about God and about the rehabilitation center, but then I gave it all up with a wave of my hand, not even suspecting that from that day on God was beginning to do something new inside me. 

 And this is what His work was: everything, whatever I took, crumbled in my hands, I began to pursue continuous failures. I began to drink and use drugs even more, looking for death, but I could not find her, she simply ran away from me. My pathway to despair turned out to be the road by which the Lord led me to Himself.

All feelings died in me, I had neither regret, nor melancholy, nor pity, nor fear and joy.  It was just an insensate existence.  Then I thought that my life was over, but it was the end of my life without Christ, and the beginning of a new life in Christ.  And in October 2015, I came to my city and remembered the conversation that I had a year before.  I started looking for this center, but could not find it. But here the Lord did not leave me. Suddenly, a completely unfamiliar person approached me and said: “Come with me!” And I went. So I was in the center of rehabilitation.

And I began to learn to live differently, without cheating, alcohol and drugs. I learned about serving God and people. And the Lord saw and helped me to cover almost all my debts and needs.  From the moment I came to the center, the Lord began to take care of me, in the person of my leader, pastors and people from our church.

There were many difficult moments and crossroads in the process of rehabilitation, but the Lord gave me the wisdom to make the right choice. And the only correct choice was to put everything in the hands of God. Now I have a new life, life with Christ, life without falsehood and deceit, life without alcohol and drugs, real life is life in freedom, life in Jesus Christ. God gave me a new life, He gave me more than I could wish for, God gave me a family, a beautiful wife, loving parents, even if it was her parents, but for me they became relatives.  God completely changed my views on life and death.  And now I understand that only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. And only in Jesus can one be truly free.

Praise God for Eugene! Here’s a video of Blake Purcell at Source of Life Rehabilitation Center…